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23 June 2020

an uncommon silence settles in Rome

This weekend saw the first online empowerment arranged by KMC Roma in Italy with Resident Teacher Gen Cho granting the empowerment of Avalokiteshvara and giving teachings on compassion.

Because the distancing procedures are still in place, the center was allowed no more that 15 people in the meditation room. The Roman Sangha displayed very kind and cherishing minds by arranging for different groups to be present in the meditation room for different sessions, while the others took part elsewhere.

Others who attended came from Rome and North and South Italy (Reggio Emilia, Varese, Sicily, Naples) and also from Switzerland.

"The most common word in the feedback we received was 'powerful!'

"From the beginning of the introductory session on Friday evening, Gen Cho taught deeply on samsara and renunciation and helped us develop a vast and profound compassion through the wisdom of renunciation.

"Through renunciation combined with correct imagination we developed a deep wish to liberate all living beings in all six realms.

Uncommon silence
"The effect, was that at the end of each session there fell upon the room a powerful 'peace of silence' - an uncommon experience for us Italians!

"We all left feeling very blessed and very happy.

"Thank you Gen Cho and especially thank you Venerable Geshe-la .❤"