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10 June 2020

a world of loving kindness

an online festival for a troubled world

June 19-24

Join hundreds of people from across the United States for the 2020 US Festival Online

Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya
& teachings on Relying on Loving Kindness

With Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong
General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU

Receive the powerful blessings of the Buddha of Loving Kindness and learn special meditations for removing conflict and creating peace and harmony in today's world. BOOK NOW


other Teachers at the festival

Gen-la Dekyong, the Festival's principal Teacher, will grant the empowerment of Buddha Maitreya and give teachings.

The other US Festival teachers are the three US National Spiritual Directors (NSDs) of NKT-IKBU.

Gen Kelsang Rigpa, NSD for Western USA, will give the Festival Introduction

Gen Kelsang Demo, NSD for Mid-Western USA, will guide the morning meditations

Kadam Morten Clausen, NSD for Eastern USA, will guide the retreat.




Gen-la Dekyong has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe-la for 37 years. She is the General Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU and Resident Teacher at Manjushri KMC, the mother center of modern Kadampa Buddhism.

Gen-la teaches extensively at major events around the world and is greatly respected for the power and sincerity of her teachings and the warmth of her personality.