25 April 2020

a taste of spring at the mother center

Inside, the building feels deserted and what few people there are distance themselves appropriately.

Residents, students on the ITTP and working visitors who remained when the lockdown started occupy the vast building of Conishead Priory, home of  Manjushri KMC.

Individually, they busy themselves maintaining the building and grounds, making sure that when the restrictions are lifted the center will look at its very best to once again welcome everyone.

Meanwhile in the woods, birds, fowl, rabbits, squirrels, and even deer live freely, enjoying the absence of human intrusion - and glorious Spring days.

Difficult to imagine that the 2020 Online Spring Festival will appear from this place in a couple of weeks. That's the magic of the Venerable Spiritual Guide combined with the wonders of modern technology!

Enjoy these three galleries of photos taken by residents and visitors in recent days