09 February 2020

meditating in medellin

and looking forward to the first ever national dharma celebration

Based on their success in establishing a wonderful Kadampa center and community in Bogotá, KMC Colombia are now exploring Medellin in the north-west of Colombia to establish a branch there. Here's what they said:

"Recently the Resident Teacher of KMC Colombia, Guen Kelsang Sangton and a team of volunteers travelled to our beautiful city to teach a series of courses and workshops following on from the study and meditation classes in the capital capital.

"On Friday night, we enjoyed a wonderful class about love and forgiveness; and on Saturday we had a very practical workshop learning how to meditate better and incorporate this healthy habit into our life.

"We are very happy to have found such beautiful minds and a heart so open to receive and share with others the teachings and meditations of Buddha. Little by little we are seeing our desire for the Dharma to flourish throughout Colombia  now becoming a reality in Medellin."

First Colombian Dharma Celebration
27-29 March, Gen Kelsang Sangden the National Spiritual Director for Colombia will teach the first ever Dharma Celebration in Colombia at KMC Colombia.

Gen Sangden will grant the empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa and give teachings on how to develop our inner wisdom and discover our spiritual path.

More information and registration on the Dharma Celebration page.

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