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31 January 2020

What's on in february 2020

Through the great kindness of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, modern Kadampa Buddhism is flourishing throughout the world.

Here we list some of the retreats and other special events scheduled for February 2020.

This is just a selection. In addition, throughout the month there are literally hundreds of courses scheduled at individual centers from weekend and day courses to regular weekly classes.

For detailed information on events in your area contact your local center.

Gen-la Dekyong course @ Manjushri KMC

Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2020

How to Destroy the Cycle of Suffering
Buddha Shakyamuni Empowerment and teachings on the Wheel of Life

Dont miss this opportunity to receive empowerment and teachings from our Spiritual Director

More information & booking

mountain retreat @ ikrc grand canyon

Concludes February 13

Gateways to Great Bliss, The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

Still time to join the closing weeks of this retreat

More information & booking

001-19Findingthesun-AZ Mountain Retreat

Mahamudra retreat @ KMC New York

Concludes March 19

The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

A series of stand alone one week retreats. Still time to join.

More information & booking

vajrayogini retreat @ kmc guadalajara

January 31 - February 3

Retreat on the eleven yogas of Vajrayogini with Gen Kelsang Lobon

More information & booking


Mahamudra retreat @ KMC Florida

January 31 - February 5

Igniting the Inner Light of Wisdom – Oral Instructions of Mahamudra retreat with Gen Kelsang Chodor

More information & booking

amitayus retreat @ kmc brisbane

January 31 - February 1

With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Drolkyi

An opportunity to increase our lifespan, merit and wisdom through the special meditation practice of Buddha Amitayus.

More information & booking


Amitayus retreat @ Heruka KMC London

February 1-2

Amitayus Retreat guided by John McBretney

More information & booking

amitayus retreat @ nagarjuna kmc


one-day retreat @ KMC Hollywood

February 1

Oral Instructions of Mahamudra Retreat with Gen Kelsang Rigpa

More information & booking

retreat @ menorca irc

February 14-16

The Buddhist vision of death – we are spiritual travellers

Retreat with Gen Kelsang Lochani

More information & booking


Scottish Dharma Celebration

7 – 9 February

The Power of Love

With Kadam Bridget Heyes

More information & booking

7_Luces noche (4)

The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


The power of volunteering at Kadampa Festivals

Online streaming

New for Summer Festival – live streaming

NKT - IKRC ARIZONA - 2024Power of Mantra Students with Gen Khyenwang

Beautiful weekends with Dharma