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14 October 2019

spanish reflections

The post Fall Festival retreats continue around the world as fortunate one's dwell on the teachings, taking them deeper into their hearts. Here we focus on two retreats in Spain - at KMC Spain in Málaga and Mahakaruna KMC BCN in Montserrat.

In Málaga Gen Chokga, the Resident Teacher and National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal led a beautiful retreat attended by over 60 people on the essential practices of The Mirror of Dharma with Additions by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, based on the blessing transmissions at the Fall Festival.

In Montserrat, Gen Lochani, the Resident Teacher, skilfully guided 120 people through the  essential meaning of this precious book.

Both retreats emphasised the need to make a close connection with the Spiritual Guide and through receiving his or her blessings improve our understanding and experience of the oral instructions. Without this blessing we cannot succeed.

What people are saying 
"Very inspiring post fall festival retreat! Thank you so much! Now we can have the mirror of Dharma in our heart with the new instructions, so profound and so necessary. How kind is our Guru! And how fortunate we are!"

"Un retiro post festival muy inspirador, con una transmisión oral muy clara y sencilla, en el que queda demostrado que las enseñanzas de Buda, incluso las mas profundas, tiene lógica y de esta manera son fáciles de entender, incluso para las personas que han venido por primera vez"

"What good fortune to hear again the profound personal advice from our Spiritual Guide so the treasure chest of our minds can be filled with Dharma jewels  !!"

"Un Templo es un mandala es nuestra propia casa. Cuantos mas templos se construyan, mas posibilidades de que todos los seres sintientes encuentren su Tierra Pura"

retreat in Málaga

retreat in Montserrat