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17 July 2019

temple watch 19

A lot happens in a week at IKRC Grand Canyon as preparations for the 2019 Fall Festival proceed apace.

Watch this inspiring video for a brief glimpse of everything that has happened in the last week, and see below for a detailed report.



Inside Temple:
- Pulling sound, translation, & internet cables
- Work on the cage for acoustic ceiling
- Preparing the ceiling for shrine
- Spackling corners

Outside Temple:
- Work on brackets for stone work for vajras
- Fitting for deer and Dharma wheels over doors
- Facia on all levels being prepared for gold gilding
- Preparing stucco
- Water proofing bases for vajras
- Preparing the auspicious symbols for first level

Weekend: work parties
Students from New Mexico and Colorado centers worked on:
- Planting flower pots
- Mulching
- Weeding
- Preparing the festival parking
- Painting

- Cement poured for pump house floor

Want to volunteer?
Visit the volunteer page on the IKRC GC website.