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28 April 2019

News roundup April 28, 2019

A chance to catch up on some of the other news stories from recent days



A dip in the ocean
We recently reported on the production of the first ever Spanish translation of Venerable Geshe-la's book Ocean of Nectar.

This precious book arrived at KMC Spain just in time for the Spanish Festival with Gen-la Dekyong, and for auspiciousness the students requested Gen-la to teach a little from the book, which she is currently teaching on the STTP at Manjushrii KMC.

Accordingly Gen-la gave those fortunate enough to be present a brief blessing by explaining three essential verses. How wonderful!


Changing rooms in Bogotá
Fresh from her extremely successful visit to Chile, Guen Kelsang Sangden, Spiritual Director of Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia and Chile, is now visiting Colombia.

Before giving an empowerment and teachings in Bogotá this weekend. she gave a public talk on The Power of the Mind for which 200 people booked. But right at the last minute the room they had booked became unavailable. Not to be defeated by adversity they took three smaller rooms with Guen Sangden in one and video links in the other two. Everyone was very happy!


Alternative London marathon 
While the annual London marathon was taking place today, KMC London organised a meditation marathon in the Kensington center.

It attracted many new people who were introduced to meditation for the first time and provided them with the opportunity to sit, relax and contemplate something meaningful.

In bite size 30 minute sessions people could think about and transform their internal environment into great minds such as universal love and compassion. An enormous fountain of positive energy created on behalf of everyone on London.


Out of town
Among all the amazing Kadampa activities over the Easter weekend, two Scandinavian centers headed out of town for rural retreats.

Nordic KMC Oslo enjoyed a retreat on How to Transform Your Life in Strömstad with their Resident Teacher Gen Dragpa.

And KMC Stockholm headed for Norrtälje just outside Stockholm for a 5-day tranquil abiding retreat with their Resident Teacher Kelsang Jangdom.

hong kong

Putting the teachings into practice 
The English Foundation Programme students at KMC Hong Kong have just completed the Going for Refuge chapter of Joyful Path of Good Fortune.

They immediately put what they had learned into practice at an auspicious Refuge Ceremony with Gen Tonglam today.

As Gen Tonglam said, 'It was like coming home!'


Enjoying the silence
A group of 14 students from KMC Perth have the amazing good fortune to be engaging in a silent concentration retreat in the Bickley Valley this week.

They are engaging in four sessions every day, mixing their mind with their chosen meditation object.

The serene surroundings provide the perfect retreat environment.

7_Luces noche (4)

The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


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