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23 March 2019

the Arizona temple one year on

Today, it is exactly a year since we first broke ground to begin the construction of the Temple at IKRC Grand Canyon in Arizona.

In six months time all the work will be completed and on September 26 the Temple will be officially opened and blessed at a special consecration ceremony.

The video shows what will happen during the next six months as the exterior of the building is finished and the hundreds of art pieces made at Kadampa Art Studio in the UK are installed.

The lantern tower and crowning vajra will be put in place and the copper layer of the roof added.

The five-colored windows will be installed at the five upper levels and the gold fascia completed.

The supports for the remaining 36 vajras will be completed and the vajras installed, while the 8 sets of auspicious symbols and their frames are affixed at the lower level.

Once the stonework for the doorways is completed the deer and Dharma wheels will be put in place.

Finally the stonework and paving on the lower level will be completed, the large, sliding windows installed and the pillars on the verandah finished. (continued after the video)

The large Dharma wheel will be installed inside the lantern tower and then the auspicious signs, Five Buddha Families and 35 confession Buddhas applied to the inner walls. There will be 32 sets of 8 auspicious signs, 8 sets of 5 Buddha Families and 2 sets of 35 Confession Buddhas.

The 16 goddesses will adorn the three entrances, six at the main entrance and five at the other two;

Finally the shrines will be built, the statues, texts and stupas installed, the throne assembled and all the finishing touches added.

Then the opening ceremony will herald the beginning of the International Fall Festival 2019 and another piece of the extraordinary vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche will appear in this world.

Tune in to Kadampa News regularly over the coming months to watch all these amazing developments.

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