08 November 2018

How amazing to have a method to purify our negative karma

This weekend, people from all over Ireland gathered at Clayton Hotel in Dublin for the 2018 Irish Dharma Celebration with Kadam Bridget Heyes, the NKT National Spiritual Director for the UK and Ireland.

In the atmospheric Thomas Prior Hall, Kadam Bridget granted the empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva and gave teachings on ‘Healing the heart, awakening our potential.’ Kadam Adam Starr, the Resident Teacher at Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre in Dublin led the meditations.

What people are saying

The IDC was a really great experience, providing an opportunity to spend relaxed time with Sangha friends while receiving Kadam Bridget's teachings and enjoying Kadam Adam’s meditations. The teachings were warm, engaging, generous and full of encouragement. Kadam Bridget described the Celebration as being like a ‘spiritual holiday,’ and it felt just like that - a clear break from the world in a beautiful and grand location that somehow felt homely and intimate.
Pat, Dublin

How amazing to have a method to purify our negative karma that otherwise would ripen as suffering! And to understand that although we need to take responsibility to purify our past negative actions we don't need to get heavy and think we are bad people. Just confused!
Stephen, Dublin

Some of my hometown friends are looking forward to going to rock concerts in the near future. I used to look for all my happiness in these things too. But I was looking forward to attending the Irish Dharma Celebration, which blew any rock concert right out of the water in a really peaceful and meaningful way. If you attend only one you will you know what I mean. It is sometimes hard to describe to people what an event like the IDC is really like and to do it justice. I would really love if everyone one could attend at least one because they are such special and inspiring events that move your mind and can transform our life into real, not fake, happiness. Thanks to all the Dublin Sangha!
Jackie, Belfast

At the Friday night public talk I learned how we try to control the conditions around us to make them a source of happiness. But realistically, this pursuit f happiness is futile. Buddha encourages us to do the opposite - to change our mind and in this way change the way we perceive the world around us. Such simple advice that if put into practice every day becomes a source of liberation from stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Imagine always having a warm heart and a smile no matter what comes our way. Extraordinary!
Marisa, Dublin

The teachings on karma were so clear for me. Kadam Bridget is an excellent teacher with warmth and clarity. And it was great to meet people from both the north and south of Ireland trying to improve their minds through Kadampa wisdom and meditation.
Barry, Dublin

I enjoyed the IDC very much. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend meaningful time with spiritual friends. The sun even came out for us with the blessings of Vajrasattva on empowerment day! Kadam Bridget's teachings on karma were so clear and uplifting. With purification practice we have the ability to change our karma. I feel very fortunate to have been at the IDC.
Rosita, Dublin