A Kadampa ‘Tour de France’

During the summer break at KMC France,  two members of the community took to the road for an energetic but meaningful cycling vacation. Covering almost 1100km, they visited all the Kadampa centers in southern France and finished by helping a new, elderly resident move to KMC France. Here they share some wonderful photos of their trip.

Open house at Tharpaland KMC

Tharpaland KMC, just outside Berlin in Germany, recently held an open house for members of the public to enjoy guided tours the magnificent center, try some meditation in the beautiful meditation room, enjoy refreshments in the newly refurbished cafe and experience the tranquillity of the place with walks in the grounds and surrounding woodland.

Coming together in California

This weekend was a special time for Kadampas in California, who enjoyed the California Dharma Celebration, which was held both in-person and online. For those who attended n person at KMC Los Angeles, it was a wonderful opportunity for California Kadampas to come together and catch up after a long break from in-person gatherings.

International Festival news

The International Festivals are the life blood of the New Kadampa Tradition and the special method for maintaining the International Kadampa Buddhist Union for future generations. With the 2021 International Fall Festival fast approaching we look at whats on at that Festival and upcoming Festivals in 2022. You can visit all three Festival pages from this post.

More celebrations

This weekend sees two more special events taking place – the North east US and Irish Dharma Celebrations, with more regional communities gathering to receive empowerments and teachings from their National Spiritual Director

Awakening our inner power

The annual Festival of Switzerland, Italy and Austria took place last weekend. Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, retired General Spiritual Director of NKT and National Spiritual Director of Canada granted the empowerment of Vajrapani and taught on Awakening our Inner Power.

Love & life’s purpose

This last weekend the Southwest Dharma Celebration was held at the International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon. Gen Kelsang Rigpa, Western US National Spiritual Director and the Resident Teacher at KMC Los Angeles, granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Maitreya, the enlightened manifestation of pure love, and gave teachings on ‘Love and Life’s Purpose.’

KMC Hong Kong opens its doors

KMC Hong Kong is now open to the public for meditation classes. People came to look round the new center and listen to the Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Tonglam give a teaching. Soon after, the new Foundation Program classes begin studying Meaningful to Behold.