Breaking ground at KMC New York

On October 13, the contractors broke ground on the new accommodations and dining room building at KMC New York. However, kind Kadampa volunteers started work well before then. In order to prepare the area for the contractors to start their work, they had to take up the road grid and gravel that was running through the building site.

KMC New York expands

As demand for the teachings and practices of Kadam Dharma continues to grow, new centers are opening around the world while others are undergoing extension. Here we feature a center engaged in major expansion work – KMC New York.

Relaxing for World Peace

The first World Peace Cafe (WPC) was opened in Ulverston 20 years ago by Manjushri KMC at the suggestion of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Since then many new WPCs have been opened around the world, and they are now a regular feature at Kadampa centers both in cities and in rural locations.

Featured Book ~ Ocean of Nectar

This month’s featured book is Ocean of Nectar, the first complete explanation in English of the renowned Indian Buddhist Master, Chandrakirti’s Guide to the Middle Way, a precious Mahayana scripture, which to this day is regarded as the principal presentation of Buddha’s profound view of emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality.