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17 June 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 Spring Festival Online

Day 7 ~ Thank you Geshe-la

5star Venerable Geshe-la happy ginaw

Thank you Geshe-la for manifesting this beautiful temple, for your example in this world, for giving us everything, for giving us the Ganden oral lineage newly arising, qualified teachers, study programs, retreats, centres and opportunities to create infinite merit through working for Dharma and the ultimate benefit of all living beings.

Through all of this the door to liberation and Enlightenment is appearing for us and for the people of the modern world. Through this festival our confidence has increased, our faith has deepened and the pure land feels close and possible.

Thank you Geshe-la

5star malaga kadampa temple ordained individual prayers ginaw

We dedicate that Kadam Dharma will flourish throughout the world, and we pray from the depths of our heart that everyone has the opportunity to meet you in the form of Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka and to attain the supreme meaning of human life. There are no adequate words to thankyou, so we imagine that we are emanating countless bodies, and with countless voices thanking you for your inconceivable wisdom and kindness.

“Thank you Geshe-la, this festival was a dream come true. Incredible to see the flourishing of Dharma in Spain and the strength of the Spanish sangha.”

- From participants

“Thank you Geshe-la, I feel really inspired to continue working for the benefit of others and this temple shows it is possible, that it is worth it and we should never give up because we can see the results practically.”

- From participants

“So many people working so hard for us through the blessings of Geshe-la, thankyou 🙏💙”

- From participants

"Thank you for making all this happen, for bringing Dharma into my life, in a way that I can understand and in a way that links me with so many wonderful people"

- From participants

“Thankyou Venerable Geshe-la, please remain at my heart forever!”

- From participants

NKT-IKBU_Kadam Dharma in Switzerland - IKC Kailash - Dharma Celebration 2024DSC05607

Wisdom Teachings at Dharma Celebrations in Switzerland and the US

NKT-IKBU - New Kadampa - South America - National Festival Argentina -IMG_0546

Medicine Buddha & White Tara at Recent Dharma Celebrations

NKT-IKBU - New Kadampa - UK - KMC Atisha at Madhyamaka -Photo 24-03-2024, 13 12 58

Retreats to Connect with Our Good Heart

NKT-IKBU - New Kadampa - South America - KBC Uruguay -DSCF4328

Finding Refuge in Buddhist Teachings