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31 May 2022

Join the offering of faith on Saturday

This Saturday, June 4, is Dharmachakra Day, on which we celebrate Buddha's turning the Wheel of Dharma in this world.

This extremely auspicious day is also the birthday of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, who is 91 this year.

Offering our faith- A special one-day retreat
On this day Kadampa centers around the world hold a special one-day retreat during which we recite special prayers and collect Venerable Geshe-la's name mantra.

Through this practice we strengthen and maintain our connection with Venerable Geshe-la and create the cause for all his precious wishes to be fulfilled. In this way we create the cause for pure Kadam Dharma to flourish throughout the world in this and future generations.

Check with your center
If you wish to join in this auspicious offering, check with your center to find what events will be organised in your area.