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19 March 2022

Enlightened wisdom for modern times

Nordic Festival 2022


Recently, the Nordic Festival 2022 took place online hosted by KMC Stockholm in Sweden. Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT, Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Prajnaparamita and teachings on a special method to overcome obstacles and dangers by reciting the Heart Sutra and meditation on emptiness. 50 people from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Copenhagen, Netherlands and France. for the Nordic Festival 2022.

"It was a unique opportunity to receive wisdom blessings from Buddha Prajnaparamita and clear teachings on the true nature of things from Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, who is an excellent Teacher of this profound teaching.

"There could not be a more meaningful way to spend the weekend than with others in the Nordic region who want to understand the true nature of things, to be able to respond wisely and without fear to the challenges facing our world at this time."
Faces of the Nordic Sangha

“The biggest empowerment for me from this festival was when Gen-la Jampa encouraged us to become our Guru’s emanations. How our root Guru is at our heart and we are doing his job to benefit the people of this world.”
Kelsang Lekmo, Finland

“I really enjoyed Gen-la Jampa's beautiful teachings and his peaceful and compassionate example. The teaching on the union of the two truths was very helpful - our blue-like-body is not other than it's sky-like emptiness :) I also enjoyed the meditations with Gen Dragpa, very clear and helpful.”
K Jema, Gothenburg, Sweden

“The teaching at the NDF was deep, inspiring and humbling. Profound teachings about emptiness and encouragement to become like the CD player to "play" spread the ancient wisdom from Buddha's heart to others in our world."
Pavlina, Oslo


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