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10 January 2021

The Path to Bliss

January is a special month for practitioners of Heruka and Vajrayogini within the New Kadampa Tradition - with January 10 being Vajrayogini Day.

The core practices of Kadam Dharma are the Highest Yoga Tantra practices of Heruka and Vajrayogini. Through these we progress naturally toward a blissful state of mind permanently mixed with clear light wisdom ~ the state of enlightenment.

Throughout this month and especially on Vajrayogini Day, centers and individuals around the world engage in special practices of Vajrayogini. Here is a small selection of inspiring photos from these events. More coming soon.

A message from the Barcelona retreat center in Montserrat

"Once again we celebrate Vajrayogini Day, this time with a self-initiation with 16 people in person in the Temple and 17 taking part online, as well as 8 others engaged in close retreat.

"As always, in our hearts we know that we share this with other Kadampa centers nationally and internationally. Many practitioners are making a joyous effort to become like the  Guru Deity and experience a world out of the ordinary.

"We are all looking at the New Year with a brighter and more positive mind! How fortunate!

"Thank you for this opportunity!"