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13 July 2020

Journey to Keajra

Becoming close to Vajrayoginin in Málaga

"A fortunate group of Kadampas enjoyed a journey to Keajra Pure Land during June and July at KMC Spain. It was so blessed that even those helping to run the retreat experienced their minds transforming - an inner experience that shone, inspired and guided. Between red skies, exquisite sunrises, and refreshing breeze, Vajrayogini's mind was present in every corner of the center.

"We are very grateful to Gen Kelsang Chokga, who with the Guru in her heart guided the retreat in a smooth and very skilled way. And we want to thank everyone who with so much love has created all the necessary conditions - including the the admin and spiritual teams the kitchen, maintenance, volunteers and all the unseen helpers who contributed to the success of this retreat.

"We dedicate the accumulated merit to the sixth Kadampa Traditional Temple to be completed without any obstructions. May it become a refuge for many beings and the cause of enlightenment to eliminate all suffering forever."

Some practitioners shared their thoughts
“During this retreat, compassion has moved me constantly. I started generating compassion each session, feeling that I was doing this practice for all living beings. All of them without exception.”

“Blessings and help from our kind and precious Spiritual Guide are the path. If we act under the self-cherishing mind, difficulties are assured. Asking for help is the beginning of receiving it”

“Vajrayogini now guides me, with energy in a different vibration, to another direction - with more peace, more wisdom and more aspiration. Thank you for opening my heart”.

Volunteers who supported the retreat also shared:
“It has been wonderful to see it from the outside, very inspiring. I wish we could have a close retreat every month!"

“The retreat participants have shown a very good example of how to be in retreat. It has been very inspiring to see how session after session they have tried so hard to maintain silence and a happy mind."

"Once again we can see how Dharma has the power to transform people's minds into  peaceful and positive states.”