25 June 2020

more doors open - but online activities continue to flourish

As the lockdown starts to ease in some areas, there are signs of more and more Kadampa centers re-opening - but online programs continue to flourish.

Tharpaland KMC in Germany recently held its first residential weekend retreat for three months: Getaway: Find Peace Within – Meditations to Connect with your Heart, with Resident Teacher Gen Ananda.

Though one or two participated remotely most were able to attend in person, and even with the limitations of distancing thoroughly enjoyed a precious time with Gen Ananda. Good to be back with the Sangha at the Temple!

Medicine Buddha in Manchester
Meanwhile in the UK, KMC Manchester offered a Medicine Buddha empowerment and teaching online with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Lhachog. A blessed and powerful experience for all who took part.