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24 July 2019

Temple Watch 20 ~ Approaching completion

As you can see from this inspiring video, over the last week the workers and artists at the Temple have accomplished a huge amount, including:

  • Filling in swimming pool
  • Painting the water tank
  • Spray sizing fascia to prepare for gilding
  • Installing external auspicious symbols
  • Levelling the floor
  • Installing plumbing for radiant floor heating
  • Vajras and stone base installation
  • Installing some of the 256 auspicious symbols on the upper walls of the temple
  • Copper roofing ready for installation
  • Columns installed
  • Gilding fascia
  • Landscaping, preparing the camping area.
  • Excavating for plumbing
  • Preparing a new patio overlooking the temple
  • Installing new insulation for the retreat center
  • Testing the septic system
  • Beginning the installation of auspicious symbols  at the center

They were assisted over the weekend by volunteer teams from KMC Hollywood and KMC San Francisco.

A big thank you to everyone who is helping to make this precious place ready for the 2019 Fall Festival.

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