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15 July 2019

progressing joyfully towards the pure land

The first week of the Summer Retreat at Kailash IRC was filled with inspiring teachings and guidance from the precious teachings of Kadam Lamrim.

Gen Kelsang Devi guided meditations on the path of a person of initial scope, from our precious human life up to teachings on impermanence, refuge practice and a practical understanding on karma. Through meditating on these objects it was possible to taste within our hearts the basic foundation needed to progress joyfully towards the Pure Land.

Next up Gen-la Kunsang at Kailash
After the 2019 Summer Festival, Kailash IRC will host a post-Festival retreat with Gen-la Kunsang on The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra from August 11-17.

Visit the Festival website for more information on this and all the other post-festival retreats.

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