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12 July 2019

Teachers helping out with community work

'This is my first ITTP. I am deeply impressed by the skilful techniques of this program, the  concentrated, cherishing and joyful atmosphere - as well as the great energy everybody is giving to improve themselves to be of great benefit and service for the people in their region.'
Kelsang Lobma Dresden, Germany

'What I'm enjoying most is to be back in our mother center, our spiritual home, with the Teachers from all around the world studying these beautiful teachings.'
Kelsang Osel, Vinar Del Mar, Chile

'I'm finding the new format for teaching skills very encouraging - seeing how although each person is different and has their own individual style, the power and truth of the Dharma transmitted is the same. Through each individual presentation I am understanding something in a different way or in greater depth.'
Gen Kelsang Ani, Perth, Australia

The Intensive Teacher Training Program lives up to its name with the full-on study schedule six days a week, but even so the Teachers also find time between sessions to contribute in many ways to the running of the center and preparations for the Festival through their community work.

Sun 7th-Lobma-serving-coffee-Manjushri