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12 May 2019

News roundup May 12, 2019

A chance to catch up on some of the other news stories from recent days



This weekend, the fortunate people of Toronto have enjoyed a powerful course called 'Tantric Meditations for Everyone' with Gen-la Khyenrab, retired General Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at KMC Canada.

In a series of extraordinary teachings and meditations, Gen-la taught how to use correct imagination. He started with an exceptional teaching on the conventional and ultimate nature of the mind, explaining Milarepa's precious wrods: 'All appearances are the nature of the mind, and the mind is the nature of emptiness.'

For a description of the teachings and meditationsvisit the KMC Canada Facebook page.

cape town

Gen-la Kunsang, retired Deputy Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at KMC Edinburgh,  has arrived in Cape Town in preparation for the South African National Festival this coming weekend. She took a couple of days to rest, walk in the park, and join the community for puja.

The Festival, entitled, 'Long Life, Good Fortune & Wisdom' commences on Friday 17. On Thursday 16, Gen-la will give a public talk entitled 'The Power to be Happy.'

Public talk web page

South African Festival website


KMC Vajrasattva in Montpellier, France, has a new building, which will be developed as their center.

Located in the center of the town, near the Albert 1st tram station, the new centre will offer much greater capacity and more facilities.

This weekend a team of volunteers were busy at the site helping with some of the conversion work.

Centre Bouddhiste Kadampa Vajrasattva website


Last Sunday, Gen Kelsang Mudita National Spiritual Director for Brasil gave a public talk entitled 'The Art of Patience' in Boqueirão-Santos.

The Sesc Theater was packed with 750 people for the talk.

Gen Mudita encouraged everyone present with the advice that 'Buddha's teachings are logical and everyone can benefit from them.'

Centro Budista Kadampa Lamrim website

le mans

For the second time, KMC France offered a retreat based on Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche's book Ocean of Nectar guided by Gen Kelsang Eupame, Resident Teacher of KMC France and National Spiritual Director of France.

For 9 days, more than 40 people could deepen their understanding and experience of emptiness, with Gen Eupame emphasising this year the emptiness of the self.

Each year, it is such a delight to see how many people are interested in understanding and gaining more experience of emptiness.


The KMC Chicago community gathered to begin working towards their common goal of preparing mantra rolls to fill the large Buddha statue, which will be part of their new City Temple shrine.

Over the next several months, they aim to create 1000 mantra rolls.

KMC Chicago website

São Paulo

KMC MahabodhI São Paulo this weekend welcomed Gen Kelsang Rinchung National Spiritual Director of Argentina and Uruguay and Resident Teacher at KMC Argentina to lead a retreat on Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche's book Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully.

The retreat ended with a celebration of Mother's Day with a special talk on the Buddhist way of loving and maintaining good relationships.

Centro de Meditação Kadampa Mahabodhi website


KMC Brisbane recently enjoyed an Away Retreat on 'Accepting Change' with their Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten.

Held at the idyllic location of Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast, the retreat was decribed by one participant as 'absolutely fabulous!'

KMC Brisbane website

hong kong

Over 60 people engaged in the Nyungnay Purification Ritual Practice in Hong Kong this weekend.

Gen Tonglam encouraged the participants when they engage in the fasting and prostrations to remember, 'I am a Bodhisattva. This is my Bodhisattva family. I am training on the Bodhisattva path.'

KMC Hong Kong website



After two months of dedicated work, the new Kadamapa city space in Cuenca has opened its doors.

The opening ceremony consisted of an Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja with local sangha and Madrid sangha, followed by a public talk, entitled 'Letting go anxiety' with Kelsang Sherab, Resident Teacher at KMC Madrid.

Everyone present received powerful blessings!

KMC Madrid Cuenca website


In beautiful autumn weather, around 200 people attended the 'Overcoming Anxiety' day course at KMCA last weekend with Resident Teacher Gen Dornying.

It was wonderful to see so many people hearing Venerable Geshe-la's priceless instructions on how to solve their problems and improve their life.

KMC Australia website


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