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01 May 2019



Dharma Celebration 2019

Around 200 people from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries gathered for the German Dharma Celebration at Tharpaland International Retreat Centre near Berlin over the Easter weekend.

Gen Ananda, National Spiritual Director for Germany and Resident Teacher at KMC Berlin, granted Medicine Buddha empowerment and teachings on the practice.

Gen Ananda also included a special teaching on how to rely on a Spiritual Guide as explained in the book Great Treasury of Merit, the first German edition of which was published just in time for this event.

Gen Shenyen, Resident Teacher at KMC Wiesbaden, guided the morning meditations on the practice of Medicine Buddha.


Venerable Geshe-la Berlin 2005

The main focus of this weekend was how to rely on our Spiritual Guide in the aspect of Medicine Buddha, the Buddha doctor, to dispel the inner darkness of our delusions so that we can help others become free from their suffering.

With the beautiful weather people were able to relax in the grounds of Tharpaland IRC and go for walks in the surrounding woodland. For the children there was plenty to keep them occupied preparing for their Easter egg hunt!

For everyone able to attend, it was a real spiritual holiday abiding in the blessings of our Spiritual Guide.

The Dharma Celebration marked the 25 year anniversary of Kadam Dharma in Germany, so we include here a brief excerpt of Venerable Geshe-la teaching at the Fall Festival in Germany in 2005.

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