International Festival Diaries


This page provides links to online diaries or websites, created for each festivals, where you can view photos, videos and reviews of previous International Kadampa Festivals.

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Everybody enjoy !!

Photos and videos of the festivals [2012-2015]

You may find under this point the links toward the photos and videos of the previous festivals. Enjoy the happiness of these shared moments.

FALL 2015 - KMC France

Summer 2015 - Manjushri

Spring 2015 - Manjushri

Fall 2014 - NEW YORK


Photos unavailable

Summer 2014 - Manjushri

Spring 2014 - Manjushri

Fall 2013 - Portugal

Summer 2013 - Manjushri

Spring 2013 - Manjushri

Fall 2012 - Spain

Summer 2012 - Manjushri

Spring 2012 - Manjushri