Traditionally, when a Teacher explains Mahamudra, he or she begins by introducing the mind and then encourages the disciples to do meditation retreat to discover the nature of their own mind.

In the first week, Geshe-la taught for four days on Sutra Mahamudra and then the disciples did three days of retreat.

The pattern was repeated in the second week for the teachings on Tantra Mahamudra,

The atmosphere in the Temple during the retreats was extraordinary.

"I come to Manjushri Center every year. It is the perfect place to relax and enter deep contemplation free from the distractions of my every day life.

"Meditating with thousands of other people is an incredibly powerful experience."

- Alex Hoskins, London, UK

"Como o nome mesmo ja diz e uma festa, conhecer pessoas especiais, receber aulas especiais de uma 'pessoa' especial. E um momento de crecimento interior. "

- Daniel Bacchin, Brazil

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