"Listening to teachings directly from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, I feel inspired to put these precious teachings into practice in my daily life."

- Kelsang Thekchen, Canada

"Every Festival we receive another gem from Geshe Kelsang’s heart in the form of clear, precise instructions that are practical and accessible."

- Kelsang Tubpa, San Diego

To receive teachings and advice from a fully accomplished meditation master is a rare privilege, but those who attend the Festival get to hear Geshe Kelsang teach for days at a time.

This year, Geshe-la introduced the practices of Sutra and Tantra Mahamudra.

He explained that Mahamudra is the union of great bliss and emptiness:

"This union of great bliss and emptiness is the very essence of Buddha’s teachings, and especially it is the very essence of Buddha’s teaching of Highest Yoga Tantra.

"It is the superior quick method for attaining enlightenment. If we gain the direct realization of the union of great bliss and emptiness, we will attain enlightenment within a few years, or even months, there is no doubt."

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