"Este ano fui por primera vez al festival, y la verdad me ha aportado muchas cosas, encontre mucha paz que me ha marcado bastante.

"Mas que todo me gusto conocer el tipo de personas que me gustaria conocer en todos aspectos de mi vida.

"De seguro vuelvo el ano entrante."

- Anthony Selosse, Madrid

"The festival provided me with an opportunity to learn and make big changes in my life"

- Yangdag, Malaysia


Imagine returning from your Summer vacation not just physically rested but spiritually recharged!

That is the experience of thousands of people who attend the Spring and Summer Festivals each year.

In his introductory teaching, Geshe Kelsang said:

"We should regard this holiday as very special, not ordinary.

"During this Festival we can learn how to find happiness from inside - from our mind - through concentrating on spiritual practice.

'We can learn how to stop our anger problems, attachment problems, and problems that come from selfish behavior.

"Especially, we can learn how to develop and maintain a special, good heart.

"In this way we can make our summer holiday very special, or meaningful."

"An experience of deep, powerful meditation!"

Gajender Pal, India

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