"I helped organize the kids program, and at our meeting over 80 people came to discuss how to teach Dharma to kids.

Eight people gave short talks about how they are doing it in their countries, including the UK, US, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada.

"There are now more than 20 Dharma programs for kids running around the world! "

- K. Shraddha, Brighton UK

Families are welcome at the Festival. Special child care facilities are organised by the parents at certain times, but parents remain responsibile for the welfare of their children at all times.

This year, the children were entertained by a clown, attended specially designed classes, took part in a "Dragon Procession" , and performed in the Festival Play.

"To be able to attend teachings and leave my son happy with other friends and good carers was fantastic."

- Tess Rigby, Derbyshire, UK


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