"What makes the Festival a unique experience is that it is a real demonstration of Dharma in action.

"People attending the Festival do all the work of running it. We create the Festival ourselves."

- Kelsang Chodzom, Festival Coordinator

"Where I work people don’t get along and there are a lot of arguments, but at Summer Festival hundreds of people work happily together – without any monetary reward! It was amazing to be a part of that."

- Hannah Kim, Baltimore, Maryland

Festival Facts

Diners at the Festival ate and drank their way through:

- 1,653 pounds of muesli
- 3,750 gallons of milk
- 660 pounds of cheese
- 1,320 pounds of onions
- 1,873 pounds of pasta
- 3,000 lettuces

The cooking was done by volunteers from Kadampa Centers.

They used 10 large pots that held 130 portions and 3 massive pots that
held 180 portions and weighed over 200 pounds when full!

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