Why is everyone smiling?

Metz, northern France, Sunday October 21, and a lot of people are smiling. Today, Gen Kelsang Eupame the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director for France visited Metz to open and bless the new KMC. Words are unnecessary to describe this amazing day, just enjoy these stunning photos. Find out more about KMC Metz at: meditation-metz.org

Nordic KMC one year on

It is almost a year since the new urban temple in Oslo was opened by Gen-la Dekyong the General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU. Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre is the principal Kadampa center for the Nordic region. Located in the heart of Oslo at Majorstuveien 26, it offers meditation courses, retreats and social events open to … Read more

Rainbows, blessings and disappearing flowers

It was a magical weekend in Copenhagen for the 2018 Nordic Dharma Celebration with dramatic rainbows appearing on the Saturday, Buddha’s Return from Heaven Day. People from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the UK gathered at KMC Copenhagen to receive the blessing empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri and a commentary to the practice Treasury … Read more

Celebrating Dharma in the north of England

Madhyamaka KMC in the north of England has a special place in the history of modern Kadampa Buddhism because it was the first center established by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Rinpoche in 1978, soon after he arrived in the UK. In founding Madhyamaka Centre Venerable Geshe-la sowed a potent seed, and since that time hundreds of … Read more

A journey to peace and happiness in the land of liberation

In 1959 Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche entered into a three-year retreat on the Tibetan Nepali border. He named his retreat house ‘Tharpaland’, which means ‘Land of Liberation’. Later Venerable Geshe-la established an international retreat center for modern people called ‘Tharpaland’. Now based in the beautiful setting of Schloss Sommerswalde just outside Berlin, Tharpaland International … Read more

Loving kindness in northern Spain

Especially through my meditation on the three aspects of love May I always care for all living beings without exception, Be free from outer and inner obstructing maras, And attain the state of the Buddha of Loving Kindness. With these words from The Yoga of Buddha Maitreya, Guen Kelsang Chokga encouraged us to integrate the … Read more

An extraordinary event in the Swiss mountains

This weekend was a perfect spiritual holiday for those fortunate enough to attend the annual Swiss-Italian-Austrian Kadampa Festival. It was in every respect an extraordinary event: Extraordinary Teacher – Gen-la Dekyong, the Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU Extraordinary Teachings – Empowerment and commentary to the practice of Medicine Buddha Extraordinary Location – the breathtaking Kailash International … Read more

Last night in Malaga

Modern Kadampa Buddhism meets the people in the heart of the city Last night the people of Malaga enjoyed an inspiring public talk with Gen Rabjor in the new Urban Temple. The Temple was filled with people curious to discover how Modern Kadampa Buddhism can help them with their busy modern lives. Even those who … Read more