Summer Festival 2020 – Day 16

On the final day of the 2020 Summer Festival we enjoy the play of the Life of Buddha and a beautiful talk given by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in 2009. As Venerable Geshe-la says in his talk, the play encapsulates the life of Buddha in dramatic form and teaches us how to live a meaningful life by following his example. It is the perfect way to end the Festival.

Summer Festival 2020 – Day 14

With this extraordinary Festival entering its final phase, yesterday we joined Kadam Morten at KMC New York City for three days of blissful retreat on Arya Tara and Kadam Lamrim. Following step by step each piece of advice, we will have a chance to develop a strong and sincere wish to attain enlightenment, and the determination to follow our Spiritual Guide until we achieve enlightenment.

Summer Festival 2020 – Day 13

Gen-la explained how the joy of our Kadampa life comes directly from Venerable Geshe-la. From one point of view it is impossible to repay our Spiritual Guide’s kindness, but from another point of view we can greatly delight him by offering our practice of Kadam Lamrim and helping Dharma to flourish to the best of our ability.

Summer Festival 2020 – Day 12

Yesterday, Gen-la Jampa began four teachings on Kadam Lamrim based on the famous text Advice from Atisha’s Heart. Atisha is the original author of Kadam Lamrim. He was very close to Tara and she promised him that in the future she would take special care of his followers. For Kadampas, therefore, this is a special opportunity to receive core teachings that are the very backbone of our tradition.