With the intention to attain the ultimate, supreme goal that surpasses even the wish-granting jewel, may I constantly cherish all living beings

Snow changes all appearances

Newly opened International Retreat Centre, Kailash

Impressions from a balcony

an icicle has manifested on the bird house

This time of year the birds life depends upon peoples kindness giving them food. Peoples present and future happiness depends upon the birds accepting their offering

Buddha taught how to examine our mind and see which states produce misery and confusion, and which states produce health and happiness

He taught that the seeds of all suffering are the delusions arising in our mental continuum and that the way to overcome them and attain everlasting peace and happiness is to …

study the Holy Dharma, Buddhas teachings, and …

to meditate on it

A small group of practitioners have come to IRC Kailash for the week long Tara Retreat

Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas. If we sincerely rely upon her she will grant us her profound blessings and lead us along the spiritual path to liberation and enlightenment

During the meditation break …

retreaters continue to accumulate a great collection of positive Karma by making offerings to the Holy Beings

Making offering to the Holy Beings

The retreat is led by our resident teacher Kelsang Palden

Group photo

Having spent a very precious and meaningful week it is time to go home and to share the inner wealth of peace and happiness with other people

Appearances are deceptive, therefore ….

we must apply great effort until the light of wisdom has dispelled all darkness of ignorance from our mind and we become a Buddha for the benefit of all living beings