Kailash IRC is at Törbel a small mountain village. Törbel is situated on the sunny south side above the valley of Visp. It is 1500m above sea level.
The world famous health resorts Zermatt and Saas Fee are about one hour drive away

Kailash IRC is at the foot of the village

Characteristic of Törbel are the sunburned dark brown houses, the narrow alleys, and tightly packed buildings. It is a very old village, the likes of which are very rare today.

Traditional cemetery

Traditional cemetery

Narrow alleys

Narrow alleys

Typical small wooden barn

Törbel with Weisshorn in the background

Fields with a view of the Mischabel Group

There is only one road leading up to Törbel, but there is a regular bus service.

Forest track with the most beautiful view over the valleys and mountains. It is inviting for contemplative walks during the meditation breaks

Beautiful images from a walk up to the mountain Augstbordhorn, 2972m, just above Törbel

Poppy flower beside the Retreat Centre

Kailash has four floors

Buddha in the Meditation Room

Buddha in the Meditation Room

Beautiful Lotus for Buddha. Yolanda at work

Golden robes of Buddha

Mother Tara

Kelsang Palden will be the Resident Teacher at Kailash

Palden after sanding the walls

Palden after sanding the walls

Kelsang Palden meditating

Palden after sanding the walls

Palden and Lukas have done a lot of building work

Lukas and Fredy at work

Yolanda on the roof

Sepp is constructing a traditional stone roof

Yolanda, Thomy, Kyabchog and Ani having a tea break

Marcel and Thomy enjoying a break on the terrace of Kailash

Visit from dear friends from Munich

All the happiness there is in this world. Arises from wishing others to be happy.

On December 20th, Kailash will open its doors for retreats. Everybody is welcome!