Things are on the move at KMC TX

Beginning with big Buddha

Wow, is this how are we going to do this?

Better leave this to the professionals

Our kind contractor, Les

We can just file the paperwork

and make out the check

These guys know what they are doing

Wheels will be attached

and a ramp made

the joyful path

will require some effort

all hands on deck

Take it slowly

and gently

Down in no time

see that was easy

now we need to put him in place

wow, it’s still heavy

His temporary home

While he is getting a make-over

with the help

of all the children

He will need some protection

From the construction dust

Now the stage will have to go

removing layer

by layer

and piece

by piece

by piece

Now we can knock down some walls

This should take no time at all

Voila, now the office is much bigger

Tune in next month to see what mess we create next.