The weather is finally warming up at Manjushri KMC

The Kadampa Studio is ready to have the metal cladding installed.

The roof is on and tons of rocks are brought in to make up the road.

The ground is made up around the building which now has walls too!

The outer walls are prepared for the wooden cladding

Plastic sheeting makes a temporary waterproof skin over the sky lights and huge windows.

Preparations are made for the Fasting Retreat

This took place in the Temple on 12th and 13th April to celebrate Buddha’s attainment of Enlightenment.

Volunteers on the Festival Booking Team are helping prepare for the Spring and Summer Festivals

Throughout the KMC we held a 2 day Spring Clean

Everyone helped out . . . checking in corners . . .

. . . and somehow even reaching the ceilings!

The Temple received special attention both inside . . .

. . . and outside!

The Geshe Garden has been completely replanted all ready for our summer visitors . . . Everyone welcome!