Most of April was spent in technical meetings . . .

… preparing the Temple building site, searching for materials and qualified workers (Odro and Tenpa). . .

. . . and planning the next stage – the concrete frame.

Soon all the indoor work starts to show results on site. Here the workers are locating a future pillar.

The concrete frame starts to appear.

Using the soil as a mold to cast the concrete – an eco-friendly technique that saves wood, time and money.

An inside view of a soil mold.

Final check of the frame location.

Precision is very important in this stage.

Finding the very center of the concrete stake.

Meanwhile the steel reinforcement for the frame is being prepared.

The steel is placed in position, ready for the concrete to be poured.

Two teams work in parallel on either side of the Temple.

The view through the temporary site office window gives a taste of what the residents will see from their accommodation.

And at the end of the working day we receive a sublime gift from the Noble Ones!