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Construction work begins on the Canadian Temple

KMC Canada December 2007

With all the necessary paperwork completed, work has finally started on renovating the Canadian Temple.

See their December photo-newsletter to follow progress.

To bring the building up to code, a lot of work needs to begin in the basement. The walls are being shored and new footings are being dug for structural steel columns and beams that are going in. The new columns and beams will give extra support to the 103 year old building. The bobcat is also digging around the inside perimeter of the building to lay weepers for improved drainage.

After the steel is placed, radiant heat will be laid in the floor over crushed stone. Then a 4 inch slab will be poured. All the work then moves upstairs, to complete the shrine and mezzanine areas.

The shrine, staircases (pre-fabricated steel) and new windows will arrive at the beginning of February.

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