We invite you to spend a whole day at KMC Mexico

6.50am Teacher Training Program (TTP) students arrive from all over the city… here they are, safe at home!

7.00am The TTP class takes place four days a week

with time for meaningful debate

After class everyone is very blessed… and prepares to go to work

9.15 am A quick change of outfits and we keep working… with our minds

9.20am Veronica helps with some purification

Victor purifyies in a different way

9.30 am and Paty does not only tame her mind but also the trees!

10.00am The education program is quite busy… this is one of the three Foundation Program (FP) groups studying

Sukha, our Education Program Co-ordinator (EPC), prepares the designs of our publicity

Julio, our Treasurer, cherishes the Centre money carefully each day

12.00pm Puja time

12.30pm Lety and Neme preparing a delicious meal to delight eighteen empty stomachs

Chogyan, delivers our publicity at a tea house nearby

while Dra-ma distributes wisdom to bookstores

Carolina, our Admin Director (AD) works always with a happy mind, making sure that everything at the Centre runs well

Gen Kunsang, our Resident Teacher, prepares the next special event, a Refuge Ceremony

1.30pm Spending relaxed time together but still attending phone calls!

2.00pm Gawa begins her one and a half hour trip to Pachuca to teach a weekly General Program (GP)

3.00pm The RT, EPC, AD and Treasurer meet every week to prepare the weekly KMC schedule

4.00pm Kunwang and Nurani roll mantras for statue filling

while offerings are made with a peaceful and happy mind in the Meditation Room

5.00pm Dharma for Kids – creating causes for their future

5.30pm Christian tends to the roof garden

7.00pm Evening FP begins

while at the same time, Julio teaches GP in the small Meditation Room

9.00pm Santiago returns late from work but still happily updates the shop accounts

10.00pm At the end of the day we dedicate our virtuous actions and rest while the Buddhas keep working. Thank you