Spring at KMC TX starts with showers …

and flowers.

Our new Dorje Shugdan statues have arrived

and are inspiring everyone to engage in virtue.

Many people are working behind the scenes on the KMC project

in our recently updated office.

Kelsang Jampa meets with professional contractors who will renovate the meditation room.

Walls will be knocked down

to make the storage closet bigger and create an open-plan office.

The internal windows into the meditation room ..

will be removed.

Then the ceiling ..

is coming down,

and will be replaced with a wood finish.

The sloping sections will be raised to make the ceiling one level.

The fluorescent lights will be replaced with soft canister lighting.

The alcove behind the Buddhas will need to reconstructed to fit the new shrine cabinets.

Even the air vents will need to be moved to make room.

The new cherry wood cabinets will span the length of the room.

The main statues will need to be moved and protected while the construction is happening.

The center stage will also be removed.

The contractors contemplate how to move Buddha safely.

The current blue carpet will need to come up for the work to be done.

The tile at these exits will also be replaced to match the temple entrance.

Even though there is a lot of work to do, our kind teacher is still smiling at our evening GP