It’s retreat time at Manjushri KMC but new projects are on the go. See pictures of work starting on the new Kadampa Studio which is due for completion by Summer 2008. Qualified statues and holy images will be produced here for Temples and KMCs all over the world!

During this auspicious month of January, Manjushri KMC held three month long retreats . . .

Vajrayogini self-generation and counting with daily tsog offerings . . .

. . . this year we had 10 counters!

Mahamudra and Lamrim

Despite being on retreat our daily work continued as normal

We also began work on the new Kadampa Studio being built on the lower car park

First the ground was levelled

Then piles were driven into the ground to support the foundations

We have built a new sound studio where Tharpa Publication sadhanas and meditation CD’s will be recorded

Even in the winter there is work needed in the gardens!