Samdrub savours his Saturday morning coffee

Jamyang enjoys his desk job

But Kunden has other plans. It is time to go outside guys!

Andrew shovels the snow so the garbage skip can be removed

The brickworkers have put their scaffolding in front of the Temple

Now the scaffolding is up, it is time to arrange the templates for the auspicious signs

These 8 golden signs will go up on the Temple

In minus 20 below, Samdrub and Jamyang drill into the brick

Jamyang carefully places the template

The golden precious umbrella will go over this template when the brickwork is done

Samdrub drills the backing into the brick

Everything is carefully measured and placed

Four signs will go on each side of the Temple

The second template, goes above the first

In the next three weeks new golden brick, the deer and dharma wheel, and all the auspicious symbols will be placed

We work until the evening – despite the cold

And then, it is back to the warmth of the KMC residence