New concrete stairs were poured at the beginning of the month

After the concrete was poured the area was covered and heated for a few days

And then it was time to dust the Buddhas ready to be placed on the shrine

First the Shugden family

Then the throne for Buddha Shakyamuni

Dust cloths protect the Buddhas until the glass is installed in the shrine

Buddha’s lotus is placed

Je Tsongkhapa and two sons, together with Amitayus and Manjushri

Then Buddha Shakyamuni

Followed by Tara and Avalalokiteshvara

It is a good view from inside the shrine!

The faces remain covered because the glass is to be installed a few days later

And here comes the glass

It takes eight men to carry each sheet of glass up the new stairs

Placing and fixing the glass in place

Finishing the last piece of glass

The new Temple main doors were also installed this month

A view of the shrine when coming through the main doors

Drywall was added around the golden glass

Electrical and framing was completed, ready for inspection

And time for the Holiday Party

Lots of food…


And other interesting things…

See you all next year!