The windows at the Temple are to be changed, which means we have to take the wall down first

The view from inside the Temple

Jacks are put in to hold the Temple up and the demolition begins

The workers start at the peak and work downward

Brick by brick, the wall comes down

It takes an afternoon to remove the wall

Meanwhile, the orange jacks hold up the roof

You can see the jacks here on the inside of the Temple

The bricks around the windows are removed

Another view from inside

All but the windows have now been removed

Just a little more to go…

Another view from inside

Now even the windows are gone

But that is not all. We may as well remove the bit over the door

And get rid of the white arch too

Now we are done. We will leave the door there for now

The Temple is tarped and we wait for the steel to be installed to hold the new gold windows