During the summer festival, we decided to make a kitchen into a sitting room

Denise rebuilds and rewires the kitchen wall

Denise caps off the old gas stove.

We also decide to sand and paint the dorm in another residence. here, Katrina paints and sands

Samdrub sands the floor.

Jamyang sands the fireplace. Ignore the red, that was Kunden being creative. Jamyang fixed it

Samdrub and Jamyang admire their handywork

Meanwhile, over at the Temple, Paul gets ready to excavate around the temple

Brenda and Mary-Jo design the Temple kitchen.

Because the 100 year old framing around the shrine is crooked, we have to re-do it.

Jamyang begins to reframe around the shrine.

Kieran constructs a new frame above the shrine.

There is about three weeks of patching to be done in the main meditation room.

Jamyang and Gerald show off while fixing what the electriican destroyed.

Gerald working on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, in the basement, drywallers work in the social area of the temple.

The basement walls are up – bathrooms, kitchens and offices.

View from the education office.

Andrew the electrician does the wriing in the ceiling.