Jamyang opening the temple door

How we get down to the basement?

Going upstairs from the basement

The basement also has a radiant heat floor

The layout of the radiant heat in the basement

Frank the cement contractor

The new cement floor in the basement

Frank is contemplating the cement

Getting wood for the mezzanine delivered

The old mezzanine before it comes down

The new mezzanine

Installing the shrine. More on that later

Meanwhile, figuring out, how to let the vajra base out of the porch without scratching it

The guys taking our vajra base for a walk

The neighbouhood must think we are quite eccentric

Gerald brings the ornament to the new residence

Safe and sound in the kitchen before going on the roof in August

Thanks to kind donations we were able to put in nice gardens at the residences

Putting in a tree at one of the residences

And finally, a Long Life Puja for Venerable Geshe-la on Dharmachakra Day

Happy Birthday Geshe-la