One of the rare moments of blue sky we had in the past weeks

Digging work started this week

We have received new gas and water pipes, and a new main power line . . .

. . . 160 meters of ditch as the Red House is being connected, too!

Inside the building … disco? Formula1? …. no, power steaming!

We hope to accomplish paint removal by the end of March

In the meantime, some walls have been knocked down for new doors

Whereas others have been rebuilt like this one for our kitchen . . .

. . . which our builders and working visitors use already

Furniture for our first 20 residential rooms arrived and just needs assembling ;-)

700 poots of paint are being used . . .

. . . mainly for painting the residents’ rooms

Happy painters!

Meanwhile the new ceiling in the lobby has been completed

As has the fire alarm system

Our ‘Window Doctor’ and his nurse tirelessly continue to fix windows

The first floor panels have now been stripped and sanded

As have most of the old wooden doors – which have now been made smoke-proof

The Berlin based Tharpa storage was removed

from its base at the Berlin Centre

Holy Dharma arrived safely at our new home . . .

. . . and has been stored into the rooms . . .

. . . of the new Tharpa storage at the castle