A tent is set up in the middle of the Temple for Buddha’s painting and regilding.

The marquee tent is wrapped with plastic sheeting.

Buddha is unpacked and placed in the room over a carpet with insulation underneath.

Radiators are brought in as well as reflective insulation blankets to keep the cold out and the heat in. Although it went as cold as minus ten, it was cosy warm inside the tent.

With good painting lights, the tent became home for the artists for December..

Buddha was regilded with a warm red gold..

A yellow undercoat was applied to prepare for the new gold for the face, arms and back.

The undercoat covered the eyes and mouth – ready for Chris Heyes to arrive.

Buddha is with undercoat and gilding finished.

Chris Heyes arrived from England to paint the gold and the features of the Buddha..

Buddha begins his transformation as the gold is applied.

Denpa sits and drys the paintbrushes.

The gold is finished on the face.

The details are carefully applied to the face.

Buddha is finished. Ready to go up on the shrine in March.

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