Construction began on the Canadian Temple in December

To bring the building up to code, a lot of work needs to begin in the basement. The walls are being shored and new footings are being dug for structural steel columns and beams that are going in. The new columns and beams will give extra support to the 103 year old building. The bobcat is also digging around the inside perimeter of the building to lay weepers for improved drainage.

After the steel is placed, radiant heat will be laid in the floor over crushed stone. Then a 4 inch slab will be poured. All the work then moves upstairs, to complete the shrine and mezzanine areas.

The shrine, staircases (pre-fabricated steel) and new windows will arrive at the beginning of February.

One essential thing is needed before any work can start!

A hole is made in the back wall of the building to get a tractor and bobcat inside.

From where the shrine will be, we can look outside to the back of the building. Note the shrine template on the floor.

The western bearing wall is shored to make room for a larger doorway and stairs.

This is the future site of Tharpa Publications – office and packing room.

The bobcat is removing the tar from the floor and digging for new footings to be poured..

The wall underneath the shrine is being shored. It will completely be removed the first week of January. A new steel beam and steel columns will be placed.

The plumbing for the new bathrooms will be roughed in the first week of January. After the steel and drains are in, a radiant heat floor will be laid and a 4 inch concrete slab will be poured on the basement floor. This will be completed by the 3rd week of January..

The old tar floor has been removed with the bobcat.

The tractor is parked against the hole in the wall at night.