Budismo kadampa

El sitio web oficial de la Nueva Tradición Kadampa –
Unión Internacional de Budismo Kadampa
Fundador: Venerable Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

Ya está activa la página web del Festival Internacional de Verano 2014.

Summer 2014

Lamrim is the very essence of Buddha’s teachings. It is a lamp for the path to enlightenment that shows us how through meditation we can develop our mind step-by-step.

Accessible for both beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, the Lamrim teachings and retreat in Week 1 enable us to deepen our understanding and experience of the Spiritual path.

In Week 2, Gen-la Dekyong will grant empowerment of the Compassion Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, and give teachings on the practice of transference of consciousness (powa).This will be followed by 2 days of retreat enabling us to gain deep experience of the practice.
One of the most compassionate acts we can do is to help others at the time of their death achieve a higher rebirth. Through the practice of transference of consciousness we can help the recently deceased, the dying and ourself to go to a Pure Land, where there is only peace and happiness.

The Festival will conclude with a special dramatic presentation of the Life of Buddha, which reveals in a direct and entertaining way, with humour and excitement, the essential characteristics of a spiritual life. An inspiring and moving end to our Summer spiritual holiday.

1ª semana – del 25 al 31 de julio
Kadam Lamrim Lamrim kadam:
El poder del Lamrim kadam
con guenla Kelsang Kunsang

2ª semana – del 1 al 9 de agosto
Iniciación de Buda Avalokiteshvara
y enseñanzas sobre poua
con guenla Kelsang Dekyong

El 2 de abril a la 1pm (GMT) se abre la inscripción


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