This will be the meditation room of the new Canadian Temple

The Buddhas at the Temple in Mississauga, all packed and ready to go.

One of two 17-foot trucks that came to take them to Toronto.

Buddha Shakyamuni leaves first.

They are fork-lifted out with the help of a 8-foot extension steel plate on the forklift.

Which is driven across the parking lot…

Which is driven across the parking lot…

and placed on the second 17-foot truck

One by one, they are all loaded up.

We parked 2 vans and a car on the street in Toronto for 4 days to reserve space for the move.

Charlie the foreman, and Jimmy on the forklift, chatting to our neighbours.

Our neighbours came out to watch and some even moved their cars to give us more space on this narrow one-way street.

First, a plate goes down between curb and sidewalk.

The first fork-lift with an 8 foot extension.

The first fork-lift makes a bridge with the steel plate.

The second fork-lift puts Buddha on the plate…

and up goes the second forklift…

All the Buddhas go in.

There he will wait until December 07.

A view from inside.

Levitating above the stairs.

Levitating above the stairs.

all the rest go in.

a pump truck takes them the rest of the way.

Charlie gets a ride up with one of Je Tsongkapa’s sons.

and takes home some pews.